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In an increasingly competitive world of real estate, amenities, regardless if they are used or not, are often a major selling point. Older Buildings are finding ways to add new amenities to compete with new construction and to continue to reinvent themselves.

Some of the most reasonable amenities to consider adding depending on a price tag and space for older Buildings are:

  1. Usable roof top areas for sunbathing, party rentals and barbequing.
  2. Children’s playrooms are very easy to create and find space within the new Building that is currently cluttered with junk.
  3. Fitness centers are becoming extremely popular and often there are many ways to create a fitness center from just simple functional to a top notch facility in the spaces of the Buildings that are currently under-utilized.
  4. Some Buildings have enough land to develop a playground, which is another popular attraction to expecting parents or those who already have children.
  5. Many properties have unused land were some planting areas are allocated with lessons in agriculture for children.
  6. Outdoor areas have also been allocated for outdoor ping pong, building sponsored movie projection nights, Barbeques or picnics.
  7. Some create lounge areas with pool tables, poker tables, and a big screen television.

All of the above improvements are something owners should look into to have their property stand out and offer amenities to ever changing population.

Below are some of the most unique and outrageous amenities in New York Apartment Buildings:

  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Simulated Golf
  • Library
  • Video Arcade
  • Dog Spa & Concierge
  • Food Shopping Services
  • Catering
  • House Cleaning
  • Wine Cellars
  • Pool
  • Massage & Spa
  • Basketball Court
  • Internet Café

By: Arthur Meltser, CPM®, CPCU®
Vice President

Goodman Management Co,. Inc.

Building Amenities




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